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We are a proud Executive and Technology Recruiting firm. We believe that we are uniquely placed and have the talent, credentials, and experience to produce tremendous results for your next job. Rather than being comprised of human resource professionals, Arth Consulting is one of very few Executive and Technology Search Firms that utilizes relevant business experience, efficiently designed economical operations, time saving, and expertise in the executive and technical recruiting arena.There are few firms with our kind of credentials operating in this arena.


Top Clients


We serve as a top Executive and Technology Recruiting Firm for several top US brands.

Trusted Advisors


We are our clients’ trusted advisors. We are certified and highly regarded in the area of our specializations. We have relationships throughout various levels of our clients’ management structure.



Our recruiting team is highly qualified. We are able to very effectively and quickly match your qualifications to available opportunities.

Honest Approach


We bring an honest and transparent approach to recruiting and hiring. We are willing to operate under full transparency on our overheads, cost, margins, and net to contractor, if applicable.

Understanding & Respect


We have empathy and respect for our candidates. We invest time in understanding your personal and professional situation to insure a good fit and your satisfaction.

Resume Review


We recruit for a living. We review thousands of resumes every month. We can help in reviewing and correcting common resume mistakes.

Top Compensation


We can obtain you the best possible compensation package by effectively advising you, thereby creating a win-win situation for both you and your new employer. 

Interview Preparation


We understand our clients’ entire hiring processes and can help prepare you for any or all rounds of interviews.

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