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Arth Consulting performed to exemplary standards in placing me into a full time role with a large consulting organization.  Shail and his team worked diligently with me in all facets of the job placement lifecycle: 

(1) Evaluation Process, (2) Interview Best Practices, and (3) Offer review/acceptance. 


I recommend Arth Consulting highly to those looking for placement opportunities within the consulting industry.


Michael Jee | San Francisco, CA


San Francisco, CA

The Arth Consulting team was a pleasure to work with. Shail and his team are professional, knowledgeable, and easy to work with. Thanks to their advice and insights, I was able to secure an offer from a renowned consulting organization. Highly recommended!

Seraphina Wu.jpg

Atlanta, GA

I never anticipated embarking on a job search until my association with Arth Consulting. Their pivotal role in securing a significantly enhanced position cannot be overstated. What truly distinguishes Arth Consulting is their outstanding interview preparation and their consistent readiness to provide clear and open communication whenever it is required.

Joshua Morillo.jpg

New York, NY

The phrase "life changing" is often times used quite loosely when talking about careers and opportunities. I can say with confidence that working with Mellisa and the rest of the Arth Consulting team was indeed life changing. Because of Arth Consulting I am now positioned in a career where growth is not only possible but promised and delivered. I am extremely thankful to them for their professionalism, guidance, and expertise when looking for opportunities.

Neeraj Vyas.jpg

Atlanta, GA

I am thankful to Arth Consulting in particular Shail and his team for their support in helping me achieve a prestigious position at one of the Big 4s. Throughout the journey , the team took time to understand my needs and provided me with support , answered all my questions, provided feedback. Their professionalism is top-notch. I highly recommend this placement firm.

Hossein Salehghaffari.jpg

Brooklyn, NY

I am immensely thankful to Arth Consulting for their instrumental role in connecting me with a prestigious consulting company. Their expertise, guidance, and unwavering support were pivotal in helping me secure this career-defining opportunity. Thanks to Arth Consulting, I am now thriving in a role that aligns perfectly with my aspirations, and I couldn't be happier with my professional journey. I highly recommend Arth Consulting to anyone seeking career growth and meaningful connections within their industry.

Salman Farooq_edited.png

Austin, TX

Arth Consulting guided  me to land the job with a very large consulting organization. Their  presentation of my work experience to the client was very thoughtful and I think was instrumental to differentiate me from other candidates. Kudos to the team!!

Ali Raja.jpg

Richmond, VA

Arth Consulting has been instrumental in my placement at a big four firm. They are professionals who were easy to work with and have answers to all your questions during the interview process. Mellisa and Shail Sood have the ability to assess the right candidates for their highly visible roles. I would not give it a second thought working with them again.

Graphic Shapes

Naperville, IL

I'm delighted to provide a testimonial for Arth consulting. Working with them was an absolute game-changer in my job search journey. Their dedication, expertise, and unwavering support played a pivotal role in helping me secure the job of my dreams. Arth demonstrated an exceptional understanding of my career goals and aspirations right from the start. They took the time to get to know me on a personal level, which made me feel valued and understood throughout the entire process. Their ability to match my skills and aspirations with the perfect job opportunity was nothing short of remarkable.


What truly sets Arth apart is their unwavering commitment to their clients. They were always available to answer questions, provide feedback, and offer moral support during what can often be a challenging and nerve-wracking process. Their genuine passion for helping people find the right job was evident in every interaction we had. I am now in a role that aligns perfectly with my skills, interests, and career objectives. I couldn't be happier with the outcome, and I owe it all to their exceptional expertise and dedication.


I wholeheartedly recommend Arth to anyone seeking not just a job, but a career that truly fulfills their aspirations. Thank you!

Jeff Dardis.jpg

San Francisco, CA

The entire experience with Arth Consulting was exceptional. Their guidance and support enabled my full-time placement within a top-tier global consulting organization in a role that has taken my career to the next level. Their ability to match my professional aspirations to the perfect role was the difference between finding a job and finding a career. Words alone cannot express the gratitude I have for the personal and professional growth opportunities provided by everyone at Arth.


Seattle, WA

Arth Consulting was instrumental in coordinating my candidacy for placement with a large consulting organization, where I have been for a year in a role very well-suited to my background and career path.

Graphic Shapes

Austin, TX

I am very grateful to the Arth Consulting team for their support in helping me achieve a prestigious position at a top Big4 consulting firm. Their ability to match my professional skill set to the perfect position at the Big4 consulting was the difference between finding a job and finding a perfect career match. A special thanks to Shail and his team for portraying my credentials to his clientele while at the same time helping me to market myself to a very specific industry niche. I am looking forward to continuing my professional growth through my partnership with Arth Consulting.


Dallas, TX

During a job search you come across several recruiting companies and you never know what works out for you.  Arth Consulting's approach was sweet and simple.  The team that worked for my placement stayed focused and supportive during the complete process of my interview.  They have been caring about how I have been doing after the assignment has started.  Many thanks & FIVE STARS for the extraordinary efforts!

Joe Caraballo.jpg

Greenville, SC

A recruiter from Arth consulting was one of the many LinkedIn recruiters that reached out to me during my job hunt. Although I was weary at first, they excelled at showing me opportunities I never would have found, or dared to find, on my own. Within weeks, I accepted an offer at an established consulting company. I doubled my salary because Arth Consulting believed in my abilities, and I'm still happily employed at the company. Thank you Arth!

Sumeet Chavan.jpg

New York, NY

It was great working with the team at Arth Consultants especially Shail & Pearl. In the series of discussions I had, they were able to clearly understand my key strengths and expectations. They were able to identify the right profile for me to apply for and capitalize on those strengths.


Atlanta, GA

Yinka P. Akinwusi

I always have reservation about staffing companies calling me for any roles because most doesn't have direct link with the hiring manager. A call from one of HR associate at Arth Consulting marks beginning of a new journey for me.  The whole interview and hiring process in a large consulting firm was seamless. Thanks to them, I am gainfully employed now!


Phoenix, AZ

Arth Consulting is a very professional staffing firm who helped me get my dream role to work for a large consulting organization.


Seattle, WA

I am writing to express my gratitude to Arth Consulting. who helped me successfully secure a Manager level role in an established corporation. I especially appreciate their fast response, transparent communication, and co-ordination in a timely and efficient manner. I enjoyed working with their team very much.

Saied Mighani.jpg

San Francisco, CA

Arth Consulting went above and beyond, helping me land a great role at a top Big 4 Consulting firm, which opened a sea of new possibilities for my career trajectory. I highly recommend working with their dedicated recruiters.


San Francisco, CA

Shail Sood from Arth consulting came across as an outstanding recruiter all along my experience with him in landing up a great career opportunity at one of the top consulting firms of the world. He is an astute recruiter who does a comprehensive assessment of what the market needs and where the candidate's potential lies. In just a single conversation I was able to strike that high growth, high potential chord with him. He played perfect bridging role in portraying my credentials to his clientele and at the same time helping me realize how valuable my niche skills and experience were to the IT industry. I highly recommend Arth consulting to job seekers who are on a quest to propel their leadership to the next level.

Rod Culbreth.jpg

Charlotte, NC

Arth Consulting was very instrumental in supporting me to obtain a full time position within a large consulting organization.  After consenting to have my information forward, HR from the organization immediately called and within a few months I was presented an offer.  Without their assistance, I wouldn’t have had an opportunity like this to present itself.  They are dedicated in connecting you with the right organization.

Graphic Shapes

New York City, NY

Arth Consulting has helped me secure a position at one of the big four's. Their staff is extremely talented and does the ground work for the candidate by getting the needed interviews, guides them through each step of the interview process. They do the follows ups as needed and make sure that the candidate gets the feedback in a timely fashion from the recruiter. It was a pleasure doing business with Arth Consulting. I highly recommend this placement firm.

Head Shot_edited.jpg

Boston, MA

I had the pleasure to work with Arth Consulting last year as I explored various opportunities within the consulting space.  Arth was able to work with me on a full-time placement at a leading consulting organization in my field.  Thanks to Arth, I am about to reach a very happy one year work anniversary!


San Francisco, CA

Arth Consulting performed to exemplary standards in placing me into a full time role with a large consulting organization.  Shail and his team worked diligently with me in all facets of the job placement lifecycle:  (1) Evaluation process, (2) Interview best practices, and (3) Offer review/acceptance.  I recommend Arth Consulting highly to those looking for placement opportunities within the consulting industry.

Puneet Bhargava.jpg

Atlanta, GA

I would like to personally recognize the excellent support and the instrumental role Shail and team played in my placement with a name brand tier 1 consulting firm. Thank you team!


Orange County, CA

It was a great pleasure to work with Arth Consulting in finding a job with a large consulting firm. I was very pleased with their professionalism and they were very responsive. Arth Consulting made sure all my interests were met and all concerns were addressed. I was very happy overall with the quality of service and would recommend them to professionals looking to find jobs in big consulting companies.

Arth Consulting Inc .jpg

Omaha, NE

My experience with Shail and the Arth Consulting team was fantastic. All my initial questions were answered professionally and promptly. They did a great job of communicating with me throughout the entire placement process. I would highly recommend the Arth consulting team to help you get the consulting job you want and deserve.

Photo - Jessica Huang.jpg

New York City, NY

Arth Consulting equates to the definition of professionalism when it comes to helping individuals with permanent job placement in the market place.  The company really took their time to understand my needs and goals when it came to assisting me find an opportunity with a large consulting organization.  I highly recommend working with Arth Consulting and I look forward to working with them in the future.


Chicago, IL

My experience with Arth Consulting is of the type that anybody at a crossroads in their career should have the opportunity to experience.  Arth Consulting recognized in me a potential fit that I myself really could not see.  They were nothing short of professional, positive, and encouraging.  I am grateful to them for having a broader vision than I and for propelling my placement in an environment that truly suits me, allowing me to say that work is a get to, and not a have to.

Photo - Sriram Gopalan.jpg

San Francisco, CA

Arth Consulting, and in particular Shail, guided me throughout the interview process and provided me an honest and frank conversation regarding various levels which helped me in making decision to join. I am enjoying my role and learning a lot which will definitely help me grow in future.

Kevin Bachor.jpg

Detroit, MI

Arth Consulting did a great job in supporting my placement at a large consulting organization. They were able to clearly communicate the desired skills and experience necessary to be successful in the position. Arth Consulting also went the extra step to understand MY motivation and desires to ensure the placement would be a good fit for both the organization and myself.

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